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About Us

We stumbled on this breed by accident! We admittedly had always considered ourselves “dog people” but boy did circumstances make us eat our words. We do a bit of fostering for our local rescue organizations, so when we found a little abandoned Kitten near our home we decided to just foster for a bit and help find it a good home. This kitten was Cloud, she single-handedly shattered all our preconceived notions on what a cat was supposed to be like. From the moment we brought her through our front door she was fearless. We show and breed dogs so that can be a lot to take in for a kitten. Here was this little 2 pound kitten walking through the house whiteout missing a step. She was sooo affectionate, with both us and the dogs. She'd let you do anything to her without any temper or fuss and follow you around from room to room and asked for all the love she could get. We later learned she was a maine coon mix and after a good amount researching the breed it was over, we were hooked. We got another and another until there was no denying it, we were cat lovers too! 

There is absolutely nothing else in the cat world quite like a Maine Coon.

Once you own a Maine Coon, we seriously doubt you will ever consider owning any other cat breed. With that said, you have to realize that we are very biased toward the Maine Coon Breed. surely every serious breeder of every cat breed feels the same way about their breed.

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